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We Repeat What We Don't Repair


Sandra proudly calls herself “The Therapist and Lightbearer of the New Age.”

As the world changes drastically, Sandra emphasizes the importance for those working with people to broaden their methodologies and how they assist individuals in achieving a rich life from the inside out. For her, the holistic approach, encompassing mind, body, soul, and the mysterious concepts of the universe, is extremely important.


She has been on her spiritual inner journey for over 14 years, since becoming a mother herself. By identifying and working through her own traumas with her parents, Sandra quickly understood that it is through suffering that one comes closer to awareness. And this means that the more we peel away the outer false identities, the projections from society, and those who have been close to us since childhood, the closer we can get to our inner “DIVINE” core where power, beauty, knowledge, and wisdom already reside within us all.

By healing one's wounds, one comes closer to the core - the Soul!

Over the years,


Sandra has discovered magical keys, tools, and techniques for consciously changing one’s perspective on oneself and life.


She has studied psychosynthesis, behavioral science, and become a "Therapist of the new world." However, the most important education is her own life journey.


In recent years, Sandra has understood her life's calling, which today is her greatest passion, to guide other souls in these new times to find their inner gifts and strength to live an authentic and rich life from the inside out.


As a holistic coach, she works with the energy body, the physical body, the mental body, and most importantly, the higher self (the soul). For her, all parts are equally important aspects that interact.

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