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Soulrich by Sandra

Welcome to 

My story

Welcome to SOULRICH by Sandra, where your journey to inner healing and self-discovery begins. My path to becoming a certified energy therapist began in the wonderful world of mystery and magic of my childhood. Already at the age of ten, when I learned meditation, my profound contact with the mysterious concepts of the universe started. Through a challenging upbringing, including my father's battle with heroin addiction, I have navigated through life understanding that pain is the path to a higher consciousness and discovering the power of understanding and processing trauma. An eventful shift occurred during my pregnancy, opening doors to intuitive, universal insights and a journey toward a rare awakening. My educational journey has ranged from psychosynthesis to behavioral science, energy therapist, intuitive channeler guide, and healer enriched by mentors such as Mia Kafkios, Billy Carson & Ralph Smart. Through a unique blend of scientific and spiritual methods, and techniques, including meditation, breathwork, and visualization, I am here to support you on your path to discovering your true self and your unique gifts and strengths.

“Know Thyself
Master Your Life"


"Know Yourself, Master Your Life" - Aristotle said that self-knowledge is the beginning of all wisdom, which is fundamental both professionally and personally. Self-knowledge is the key to freedom, love, and harmony. By understanding and healing our inner wounds, we become immune to external harm. When we accept and come to terms with our past, our perspective on life changes. Self-love and self-respect are fundamental – without them, we can neither love nor respect others. 


What does holistic approach mean?

Choosing holistic coaching is a powerful way to approach personal development because it views the person as a whole. By integrating body, mind, and spirit into the process, holistic coaching offers profound change that considers all aspects of an individual's life. This approach not only allows for superficial improvements but strives to bring about lasting change by addressing the root causes of challenges and fostering deeper self-understanding and acceptance. Choosing holistic coaching means engaging in a journey toward balance, health, and well-being in all areas of life.

what does energy work mean?

Energy work is a therapeutic practice based on the idea that every living being has a life energy flowing through them. This work focuses on balancing and harmonizing the body's energy system, which may include the chakras, aura, and meridians. Through techniques such as Reiki, healing, meditation, and breathwork, energy work aims to release blockages, increase energy flow, and promote a sense of physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It is a holistic method that emphasizes the connection between the body's energy status and our overall health.

what does multidimesional mean?

Working multidimensionally means taking into account all the different layers and aspects of the human being, even those that extend beyond the physical. This includes the emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic planes. In therapy and personal development, this means not only focusing on external behaviors and circumstances but also exploring internal experiences, thought patterns, emotional responses, and spiritual aspects of the self. By addressing these different dimensions, one can reach deeper insights and more comprehensive changes.

Let's Talk!

I'm convinced that you've come here for a reason. You seek greater freedom, abundance, and vitality. You strive to be in harmony as you explore and realize your full potential. I'm here to help you embody all of that. I believe you're meant to grow and experience true abundance and prosperity in all areas of life. That includes having a thriving, vibrant, and amazing life while staying true to yourself. You want to express yourself fully; you know you have greatness inside you that wants to come out. Right now, you feel like you're holding yourself back. You know you can contribute in a bigger way, and you're ready to expand and lift yourself to the next level. You can feel that you're ready to become the best version of YOU.




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